General Couples Therapy:

Relationships2There’s NOTHING like an intimate relationship to bring up ALL our most challenging issues.  Couples can get help from therapy in any stage of a relationship.  Sometimes our work is like a “tune-up.”  Maybe you’re having trouble with a certain aspect of parenting/discipline, or you’ve been through a loss together that’s putting a strain on your connection.  In a safe and neutral space we can work through these issues and I can help you stay connected as you talk about difficult subjects.  Sometimes the relationship needs more major work: you may be dealing with ongoing conflict and not see a way through together.  In our therapy together I help you give your relationship the best shot: push through the idealizations that get in the way of us accepting and appreciating our partners and learn better bonding and communication skills.


Infidelity is at epidemic levels right now.  To quote Shirley Glass from “NOT Just Friends”: Good people in good marriages are having affairs.  There are many reasons for the frequency of infidelities right now, but regardless–these are still destructive events that leave individuals and couples reeling.  I have worked with couples and individuals on both sides of an affair (emotional OR physical) in helping get through the hurt with the relationship still intact.