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“Busting the Fairytale™: Developing a Realistic View of Marriage/Relationship to Help You “Love The One You’re With”

The start date for the course is November 1st, 2014 and you can sign up anytime!


If you ever wonder…

Did I marry the wrong person?

Why don’t we have sex much anymore?

Is there someone out there with whom I could be happier?

What do I do when my partner pushes my every-last-button?

Busting the Fairytale is an e-course that guides real people in real marriages and relationships towards greater peace, love, and contentment. 

When media ideas of: 

Prince or Princess Charming


Happily Ever After

Love at First Sight


CLASH with common everyday realities of

Thinking of our partners and feeling “Blah”

Occasional (or not so occasional) Irritation

Low Libido

High Divorce Rates


I will help you:

develop a more balanced, realistic view of committed relationships

realize that you are not alone in your common struggles

increase intimacy and connection with your partner and

better manage conflict in order to safeguard your connection with your partner!!