Fidelity 101: A Crash Course in Making Love Last

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fidelityAs you moved from adolescence to adulthood you probably realized that you’re not as equipped to handle some real-life challenges as you’d wish. Do you wish they’d taught you how to balance a checkbook in Home-Ec? Or maybe basic auto-maintenance would’ve helped you out of a huge repair bill later in life.

Well this is Fidelity 101: the class I think all folks getting married could use to give themselves the best chance at having a safe, loyal marriage.

Pop-quiz: which categories would you choose as being most commonly linked with infidelity? sleaziness or upstandingness? miserable marriage or happy one? men or women?

Most of us would probably pick the former from each of the pairs and feel protected by falling in (or being with someone in) the latter categories—but that gives us a false sense of security. In fact, as Shirley Glass states in Not Just Friends, “Good people in good marriages are having affairs.” And a lot of them—an equal number—are women. A false sense of security keeps you from taking the simple steps necessary to protect your marriage.


So here are some tips. (And just as an aside: none of the below applies to abusive relationships—those need more help) In the spirit of connected, committed and loyal marriages/partnerships…(Read More)