The Myth of the Perfect Life

We’ve all heard people talk or write about this subject. The seductiveness of Fakebook. The way we all put our best images forward on social media and end up appearing to have only happy children, loving moments with partners and spouses, neat bedrooms, big smiles You’d think that as a therapist, I’d be very realistic … Read moreThe Myth of the Perfect Life

Bulls$#t Alert: “Don’t Ask Them to Change”

I often write about myths our culture perpetuates in relationships and this blog’s title sums up one I’ve been thinking about recently: We’ve all heard people say something to the effect of: “You should never try to change someone…you should love them for who they are.” I recognize that my argument is partly a matter … Read moreBulls$#t Alert: “Don’t Ask Them to Change”

Working on Your Co-Parenting Relationship

This article was authored by Krishan Smith: senior editor and content specialist at Custody X Change, a custody software solution. Give Trust a Chance An essential component of a healthy co-parent relationship is gaining trust in your co-parent. Keep your co-parent involved in your children’s lives; this will hopefully foster a greater sense of responsibility … Read moreWorking on Your Co-Parenting Relationship

What You’ll Never Fix About Your Marriage (and Why You Don’t Have to)

(This post was first published at the Huffington Post) I planned to tell my now-husband that it wasn’t going to work out on our third date. He was very sweet, respectful and handsome but my internal voice suggested we weren’t compatible enough. He was in sales; I was studying to be a therapist. We had … Read moreWhat You’ll Never Fix About Your Marriage (and Why You Don’t Have to)

Love is Love

This is a day we gather to remember that no matter the darkness in the world, we tenaciously hold onto the light. So recently having marked the memory of the victims from the Pulse, today we celebrate PRIDE and love in all its many and beautiful forms. I truly believe there is no bad—just fear … Read moreLove is Love

Tips for Keeping Your Co-Parenting Relationship Running Smoothly

The following is a guest post by Tim Backes who is the senior editor for Custody X Change, a custody calendar software solution. There hasn’t been any reimbursement for the posting of this article–but anything that helps co-parents peacefully negotiate a custody calendar sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂   You and your ex may … Read moreTips for Keeping Your Co-Parenting Relationship Running Smoothly